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Summer is almost here! Make your tint appointment NOW at Highend Car Stereo & Performance!

Sunny days are here to wreak havoc on visibility and the rising temperature inside of your vehicle. Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle tinted right off of the Blackhorse Pike at Highend Car Stereo & Performance in Williamstown, NJ.

Our tint comes complete with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against any peeling, fading and/or bubbling. Our tint is computer cut and installed by professionals with over 10 years experience.

Whether your vehicle is a coupe, sedan, SUV, truck Highend can take care of your tinting needs!

Tinting Specialist in South Jersey

We have three vehicles that came in for a tint job this week at High End Car Stereo and Performance. Our tint specialist did a great job on all of these vehicles. First we had a clean 2005 Toyota Solara that got a full 20% tint job and it looks spectacular. This is our customer’s first vehicle and nothing adds style like adding window tint. He assures us this is the first of many upgrades that he wants to add to his Solara and we are excited and looking forward to it.

Photo brought to you by High End Car Stereo and Performance

The next is an absolutely gorgeous 1993 Toyota Supra. This hot ride just got even hotter with the full 20% tint job that we did on it.

Photo brought to you by High End Car Stereo and Performance

Lastly, we tinted this classy yet menacing 2014 Cadillac CTS. This also got a full 20% tint job. All of our tint jobs are installed by our experienced installer of over 20 years. We only use premium Viper tint that comes with a full lifetime warranty. Schedule your tint job today at either location. High End Car Stereo and Performance, conveniently located in Williamstown, NJ and in Philadelphia, PA.