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1974 Stingray customized in Williamstown NJ

1974 Stingray customized in Williamstown NJ

2023 Philadelphia Auto Show from Williamstown NJ

High End Car Stereo showcased 12 vehicles

We showcased 12 vehicles of all our custom work  at the Philadelphia Auto show at the Philadelphia convention center

Custom paint, Alpine, Kenwood, JL Audio, Performance Mods, Viper security, Viper Remote start, Custom suspensions, Star light headliners, Memphis car audio, Vertical doors, suicide doors, Window Tint, Led lighting, Lighting Trends and custom vinyl wraps

Android tesla style screen installations

Brought to you by High End Car Stereo and Performance in Williamstown NJ

Highend Car Stereo & Performance builds extraordinary gaming bus.

Highend Car Stereo & Performance can tackle ANY project. Including the task of turning an ordinary medical transport bus into an awesome gaming bus.

Our client wanted to make this gaming bus complete with (4) different gaming consoles, (4) 40 inch smart TV’s, RGB lighting throughout, RGB gaming signage, snack rack, seating with full seat belt restraining system for on-the-go gaming while being safe on the road, a new 7 inch headunit that has Apple Carplay/Android Auto, a backup camera and (4) security cameras complete with DVR and a remote start system. Charging ports have been installed throughout the bus to ensure that all controllers, wireless headphones and any smart device is charged at all times. Behind the scenes, (2) power inverters, additional batteries and isolator relays were installed as well to provide the necessary power to make sure this bus is ready to entertain at any time. Cooling fans were also built into the actual gaming cabinets to ensure the safety of every component and system installed by providing cool air throughout the cabinet.

We also laid out rubber tiles that would help protect against anything being dropped and damaged by impact. The drab factory headunit was replaced by an Apple Carplay unit. We also installed an additional security monitor connected to (4) security cameras complete with DVR.

The final product speaks for itself.

So when you are ready for us to start on your next big project, don’t delay and contact any of our knowledgeable associates to schedule your install here at Highend Car Stereo & Performance! Your one stop shop for everything 12-volt and performance upgrades for ANY vehicle!

CanAm Spyder LED Custom Lighting at High End Car Stereo & Performance

Be safe on the road while being unique and look great with custom LED lighting on your CanAm Spyder. These high quality LED kits come with various ways to control color, speed and patterns including using your very own smartphone as the controller. The kits available are RGB, RGBW and Chaser Lights. Stop by our store to get an estimate today! High End Car Stereo & Performance.

Polaris Slingshot Customized at Highend Car Stereo

We have an amazing Polaris Slingshot that was customized at our shop in Williamstown, NJ. First we removed the stock hood cover and painted the hood frame to match the rest of the Slingshot. We complimented the entire white paint job with red vinyl and paint throughout. We also added an RGB engine glow kit, Flow series wheel light kit, custom vinyl lettering and some audio work. All the additions earned this radical vehicle a “Best Custom” award at it’s first show soon after. Bring in your toy and let us customize it today! Only at Highend Car Stereo and Performance.

Illuminated door sill plates and LED footwell interior lights on a 2017 Honda HR-V

We had a 2017 Honda HR-V come in to our shop at High End Car Stereo and Performance to install illuminated Honda HR-V door sill plates and upgraded blue LED footwell lights for the front and the rear of the vehicle. Our customer brought in his wife’s vehicle after having work done on his Toyota Avalon. He was so impressed by our work on his vehicle that he decided to bring hers in as well. The door sill plates were installed according to OEM specifications, something that our customer was very pleased with since no shortcuts were taken for the install. Now when the doors are ajar, the door sill plates light up with the HR-V logo and the footwells light up in blue in the front and in the rear. The blue lighting gives it a really nice ambient feeling to the interior and is a great addition to any vehicle. These interior lights come in any color and you have a choice of many different control methods. We are the lighting experts in South Jersey and in Philadelphia. Feel free to call any of our two locations to schedule your vehicle with us today! High End Car Stereo and Performance Conveniently located in Williamstown, NJ and or Philadelphia, PA location.

2017 Honda HR-V got some lighting upgrades. Blue #LED footwell lights for the front and rear and illuminated Honda door sills. #Highendcarstereoandperformance #Williamstown #NJ

Posted by High End Car Stereo and Performance on Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Underbody RGB LED Kit on a 2015 Forest River Charleston Motor Home w/Bluetooth Controls

We had the pleasure of working on a 2015 Forest River Charleston motor home here at High End Car Stereo and Performance. Our customer had planned a family vacation where other motor homes were going to be and he wanted to stand out from the rest. Needless to say, this motorhome is absolutely incredible with its gargantuan size and roomy interior. A palace on wheels. We were asked to add an underbody RGB LED kit to illuminate it and we delivered. It has over eighty feet of RGB strips soldered and installed by our experienced technician. We also added two bluetooth controllers so that our customer can control his lighting from the convenience of his smartphone. From the smartphone our customer can actually decide on the color, pattern, speed and brightness to his underbody kit. He can also program his own light show and display it with just a touch of his screen. Our RGB LED underbody kit comes with a lifetime warranty and one year warranty on the labor. We are lighting experts and welcome ANY job, big or small. We do motorcycles, ATV, cars, boats, you name it, we’ll light it up! Feel free to contact any of our knowledgable staff to schedule your appointment today! High End Car Stereo and Performance conveniently located in Williamstown, NJ or our other location in Philadelphia, PA.

Photo brought to you by High End Car Stereo and Performance

2015 #ForestRiver #Charleston #Motorhome got an underbody #RGB #LED kit that can be controlled by the customers smartphone. #Williamstown #NJ #Highendcarstereoandperformance

Posted by High End Car Stereo and Performance on Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Awesome Headlight Upgrade on a 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

A customer visited our booth at the 2017 Philadelphia International Auto Show and was inspired by on of our show cars to do a custom headlight upgrade on his 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. We added some RGB Demon Eyes and Halo rings that can change to any color and also has many lighting patterns to choose from. He controls these by using an RF controller that was installed by us as well. We have also added some sequential LED switchback tubes that double as daytime running lights as well as turn amber when the turn signal has been activated. These sequential switchback tubes also show movement when they are activated. The stock headlights were conventional incandescent bulbs that let out a very dim and unsafe yellow light. We’ve upgraded his stock headlight bulbs with a high intensity discharge bulb (HID), powered up by a pair of Canbus ballast. Now our customer’s headlights have a much needed upgrade that gives the car a much newer feel as well as improving his visibility at night. To compliment his new headlight system, we also swapped out his incandescent amber parking light bulb with an LED switchback bulb that shines bright white then turns bright amber when the turn signal is activated. Be inspired like this customer and come pay us a visit at Highend Car Stereo and Performance, in Williamstown NJ or our Philadelphia location at 12th and Vine St. We work on ANY vehicle, cars, boats, ATV, motorcycles. No job is too small or to difficult.


Photo provided by Highend Car Stereo and Performance

Photo provided by Highend Car Stereo and Performance

Photo provided by Highend Car Stereo and Performance