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Custom audio install and fiberglass fabrication at Highend Care Stereo & Performance

Custom fiberglass fabrication is available at Highend Car Stereo & Performance. If you ever wanted a custom subwoofer enclosure but didnt want a bulky square box in your trunk, consider the sophisticated look of a fiberglass enclosure. They can be molded to fit exactly to your vehicle’s trunk space and can be wrapped in carpet, vinyl, leather or painted to match any color.

LED lighting and plexiglass can be added to the enclosure to give it an amazing look. These LED lights come in variety of colors and can also make different patterns. Fiberglass trunk lids can also be made to match the trunk enclosure and can showcase monitors or different components.

Highend Car Stereo & Performance offers all types of services and products such as LED lighting, headlight upgrades, fiberglass fabrication, custom installs, rims and tire packages, audio, remote starts, alarms, vinyl wrap, tint and much more. Call us today!