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Custom Electric Hide Away License Plate

So you just bought your dream car. Hate the thought of having to put a front plate on your beautiful vehicle? Is the only way to put that plate on your vehicle is to drill holes directly into your front bumper, forever ruining it? Is laying that front plate on your dash not enough for the police officer that pulled you over for not displaying it properly?

There is an amazing alternative to the front plate dilemma while also adding a new level of cool to your already great set of wheels. We at High End Car Stereo & Performance had the privilege of installing said alternative on a beautiful 2016 Nissan 370Z Nismo. What was installed was a custom electric hide away license plate. This amazing product retracts the license plate via a wireless remote control in a matter of seconds. What a great way to show off your pride and joy without having to compromise any part of it. Need the plate displayed? Easy as a press of a button. Want to put it away? Just as easy.

Video Brought to you by High End Car Stereo & Performance

Brought to you by High End Car Stereo & Performance