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DUB Show at the 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show

Once again it was that time of year where we showcased some of our best builds and projects. We here at Highend Car Stereo and Performance have a reputation for excellent installations, experienced and knowledgeable installers and it really shows at our booth every year at the Philadelphia Auto Show DUB floor section. 2018 was no different showcasing our services such as audio, video, lighting, performance, window tinting, bodywork, painting, vinyl wraps, graphics, airbrushing, vertical doors, fiberglass molding, custom headlight fabrication, rims and tires. We do work on virtually every vehicle that you can imagine. If you need custom work on a car, motorcycle, SUV, boat, golf cart, trucks……you name it, we can work on it and make it AMAZING. If you missed us this year, start making plans for next year because it just gets better and BETTER. HighEnd Car Stereo and Performance. You’re go to for ALL of your aftermarket vehicle needs.

Click on the link to see the 2018 DUB Show Exhibit