South Jersey Rims & Tires

south-jersey-rims-tiresWe are your South Jersey rims and tires depot. We have a HUGE selection of wheels for any vehicle ranging from 1903 to 2016. We even have an interactive wheel system set up in our showroom that will allow you to browse all the lines we represent. Select from what we have in-stock or custom order them and have them shipped within 48 hours.

Aftermarket rims and tires from High End will take your ride from ordinary to extraordinary. Wheels are one of the single best aftermarket investments you can make in your vehicle because they do not need to be a permanent fixture. Feel free to spend money on some amazing wheels that you can keep when you sell the vehicle in the future. Stop in out South Jersey showroom to see what is available.

We represent a number of custom wheel manufacturers for trucks, cars, SUV’s motorcycles and even ATVs. Below is a sampling of a few of the brands we carry.

• 51 Fifty
• American Racing
• A.M.G
• Bazo
• Crager
• Dropstars
• Enkei
• Falken
• Gianna
• Hipnotic
• J2 Wheels
• Konig
• Lorenzo
• Lexani
• MOB Spinners
• Momo
• Niche
• OC Motorsports
• Pinnacle
• Quantum Tek
• R1 Racing
• Sporza
• Tenzo
• Ultra
• Vellano
• Xon
• Zenneti
• And Many More!